'Ragged' Militia (Uganda)

Country: Uganda
Details of Formation: This group is mentioned as being one of the four security forces under President Obote's control but is also mentioned as being a 'local militia'.
Details of Termination: The end of President Obote’s rule is coded as the end of this group.
Purpose: Together with the Ugandan National Liberation Army, the militia looted two Northern Ugandan villages.
Organisation: no information
Weapons and Training: no information
Size: The group is said to have consisted of 5,000 often youthful members.
Reason for Membership: no information
Treatment of Civilians: By looting villages, the militia killed about 25 civilians.
Other Information: In February 1981 the group is reported to have worked alongside the Uganda National Liberation Army during an operation.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD