Special Force Vigilante (Uganda)

Country: Uganda
Details of Formation: The existence of the militia is first mentioned in 1981. They were set up by the vice president and minister of defence Mr Paulo Muwanga.
Details of Termination: The date when President Obote was deposed is coded as the termination date for this group although they were not mentioned after December 1981.
Purpose: President Obote tried to compensate army deficiencies with the creation of the militia. Recruits comprise adolescents and party members of the Uganda People's Congress Party. They are supposed to counter rebel activity in the countryside and report intelligence to the army.
Organisation: The group’s passing out parade was attended by the vice-president.
Weapons and Training: The group received three weeks of political and military training at Lunyo Farm in Entrebbe.
Size: The group was designed to grow to 5,000 recruits from their initial 600 trained men.
Reason for Membership: no information
Treatment of Civilians: no information
Other Information: Next to the army, the police and the ‘ragged’ militia, the Special Force Vigilante belonged to the four distinct units of Obote’s security apparatus.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD