Jeshi la Mzee (Kenya)

Country: Kenya
Details of Formation: Jeshi la Mzee started to exist as a PGM when it was sponsored and implemented by the state in May 1997.
Details of Termination: In March 2002 the government outlawed Jeshi la Mzee together with 17 other groups. The group does not become a rebel group but continues to exist as an illicit vigilante group. Although Jeshi la Mzee seems mostly inactive, one source claims that they could easily be resurrected to fight.
Purpose: KANU, the ruling party at the time, deployed the group to break up opposition rallies, attack opposition leaders and their supporters as well as individuals opposed to government actions. In some instances, opposition protesters instead of attacking PGM members were arrested.
Organisation: Assistant Minister Fred Gumo is claimed to be the financier of the group.
Weapons and Training: The group is armed with whips.
Size: no information
Reason for Membership: no information
Treatment of Civilians: no information
Other Information: The group is linked to pro-government KANU youth-wingers.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD