People's militia and vigilance brigades (Mozambique)

Country: Mozambique
Details of Formation: --
Details of Termination: A cease-fire commission began dissolving the militia in late 1993. The militiamen argued they would only accept disarmament when they were paid a financial compensation.
Purpose: The government armed and organized civilians into vigilance militias that were supposed to repel other armed groups financed by South Africa.
Organisation: In 1987, there were calls to establish a national high command of the militia in order to integrate the group into the government’s security apparatus.
Weapons and Training: In 1989, the national parliament approved that the militia would receive official training. Some of the PGM’s weapons were seized in 1984. There is no information on training sessions or details on weapons.
Size: The militia had about 500 members.
Reason for Membership: No information.
Treatment of Civilians: President Chissano portrayed the militia as very effective tool to protect the civilian population from attacks by the Mozambique National Resistance movement. For instance, militiamen killed members of armed gangs. There are no reports on how the militia treated civilians.
Other Information: --
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.