Ninjas (Algeria)

Country: Algeria
Details of Formation: --
Details of Termination: --
Purpose: The Ninjas were used to intimidate and fight opposition and Islamist fundamentalists. They were successful in spreading fear among the population. The government was able to use Ninjas to order killings and massacres while denying responsibility and blaming the Islamists.
Organisation: --
Weapons and Training: --
Size: --
Reason for Membership: Members are said to have nothing to lose as they are social outcasts, wanting to take revenge on society. These include former soldiers and orphans without family.
Treatment of Civilians: The PGM was involved (sometimes alongside government forces) in massacres against civilians. It targeted and killed men based on suspicion that they might belong to Islamists. They were encouraged by the government to do so.
Other Information: The Ninjas are a special anti-Islamist paramilitary police unit. The primary targets are Islamic fundamentalists, but the group also targets civilians whom they suspect of having relations with the Islamists. Especially at the beginning referred to as “government death squads”.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.