Barre Hiiraale's Militia (Somalia)

Country: Somalia
Details of Formation: The date coded is the day when Somalia's federal government took over and the rule of the Somali Transitional Federal Government ended. Colonel Bare Hiraale, was a Minister of Defense of the TFG and a member of Parliament in the TFG. Even before the establishment of Somalia's federal government, his clan militia and the Raas Kaambooni group have persistently fought over the control and ownership of cities. Now his group is acting as an armed proxy of Somalia's federal government.
Details of Termination: --
Purpose: The federal government aligned with Barre Hiiraale’s militia in 2012 to gain control of Kismaayo’s port and the Jubaland region. The militia targeted Raas Kaambooni, another militia in the region, that wanted to establish an autonomous Jubaland administration in 2013.
Organisation: The PGM was Barre Hiraale’s personal militia who was the military leader of the Marehan clan. In addition, he was member of parliament when the federal government’s time was in office.
Weapons and Training: No information.
Size: There is no exact information on the militia’s force strength. In 2014, 500 additional fighters were recruited.
Reason for Membership: No information.
Treatment of Civilians: No information.
Other Information: Barre Hirale’s militia is a Marehan (Somali) clan militia and has been a principal opponent of the Raas Kaambooni Movement in Kismaayo. Fighting occurs mainly between the group and the Raas Kaambooni militia over the control of the strategically important port city of Kismaayo and over the administration of Jubbaland.
References: Check PGMD for evidence.