Organization of free young Algerians (Algeria)

Country: Algeria
Details of Formation: The group was formed as a clandestine death squad of the DRS (Algerian security services) under General Toufik.
Details of Termination: There is no information on termination, but there is no evidence that the group was active after 1995 (Wikipedia).
Purpose: The group was created in order to revenge Islamic fundamentalists’ attack, so that the military did not have to use the official forces and could deny the violence (Wikipedia).
Organisation: The group belongs to the DRS security forces and was founded under General Toufik. The de-facto leader of the organization supposedly was General Mohamed Lamar, head of the CC/ALAS (Centre Command of the Antisubversive Fight). The group works in the same way as the ORAF (Organization of the French Algerian Resistance) group did during the Independence War (Wikipedia).
Weapons and Training: --
Size: --
Reason for Membership: Members joined the group because they want to eradicate Islam from Algeria (Wikipedia).
Treatment of Civilians: The group killed civilians, especially those they suspected of being sympathetic to the Islamist fundamentalists (Wikipedia). There are also reports of systematic torture and abductions, tolerated by the government.
Other Information: The group is also called Organization of Young Free Algerians, and is known under its French acronym OJAL (Organisation des jeunes Algériens libres).
References: Wikipedia. “Organization of Young Free Algerians”.