Raskamboni / Raas Kaambooni (Somalia)

Country: Somalia
Details of Formation: The group emerged as a splinter group of the Ras Kamboni Brigade in 2010. Its goal is to expel Al Shabaab from southern Somalia, to control the port city of Kismayo as well as to establish a semi-autonomous state in the region. The date coded is the day when Somalia's federal government took over and the rule of the Somali Transitional Federal Government ended.
Details of Termination: Between February and August 2013, the group fights the Somali government, and it therefore not classified as a PGM during that time. An agreement between Raas Kaambooni and the Somali government in August 2013 solved the dispute.
Purpose: The government aligned with Raskamboni to support the regular forces and other militias in targeting Al-Shabab militants. However, the government is opposed to the PGM’s endeavor of autonomy for the Jubbaland region.
Organisation: The PGM was led by Sheikh Ahmed Madobe. It carried out joint operations with the regular armed forces and the Kenyan Air Force from the African Union mission AMISOM.
Weapons and Training: The militia received military and financial support from the Kenyan government. It maintained itself through its control over the port of Kismaayo.
Size: No information.
Reason for Membership: Most members belonged to the ethnic group Ogaden.
Treatment of Civilians: When the group’s security chief was shot by his bodyguard, a former Al-Shabab militant, the PGM began screening and detaining civilians who were alleged Al-Shabab members. Amnesty International has criticized the militia’s use of violence and its violation of human rights. (Amnesty 2015)
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