Gurkha Reserve Unit (Brunei)

Country: Brunei
Details of Formation: The Gurkha Reserve Unit was formed in 1974 (Wikipedia). Since Brunei was a British Protectorate until 1 Jan 1984, 1984 is used as the PGM’s start date.
Details of Termination: In 1997, Brunei disarmed the Gurkha Reserve Unit for disciplinary reasons after Gurkha members had protested against their former British commanders. The Gurkha Reserve Unit continued to exist and provided security to infrastructure and assistance to the police and other government agencies. There is no evidence that they were rearmed.
Purpose: The Gurkha Reserve unit’s purpose was to protect the sultan and the Royal Family, as well as major oil installations (Wikipedia). According to a news source, the fact that the personal safety of the Sultan is entrusted to the Gurkha is considered a hint that the sultan does not trust the loyalty of his own armed forces.
Organisation: The Gurkha Reserve Unit works under the command of the Sultan and is subordinate to the Security and Defence Section of the Brunei Ministry of Home Affairs (Wikipedia). A news source of 1984 says that they were commanded by retired British officers.
Weapons and Training: --
Size: The Gurkha Reserve Unit had around 2,000 members in 1997 and maintained that number (Wikipedia).
Reason for Membership: Members are recruited by the Sultan. They are well paid and housed.
Treatment of Civilians: --
Other Information: The Gurkha Reserve Unit (Malay: Unit Simpanan Gurkha) is a special elite guard (Wikipedia). It is commonly known as “the Praetorian Guard”. Members are Nepalese Gurkhas recruited by Brunei after their service in the British army.
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