Tripoli Revolutionary Council (Libya)

Country: Libya
Details of Formation: The group’s leader, Abdullah Naker, announced the creation of the Tripoli Revolutionary Council on 2 October 2011 (Wikipedia). The group might have existed before that date, as news sources maintain that it participated in the battle against Gaddafi’s troops.
Details of Termination: The group is coded as terminated the day the GNC took over government from the NTC in August 2012, because the TRC, as a Zintan militia, is likely to have opposed the GNC.
Purpose: The group was formed to keep order in Tripoli (Wikipedia).
Organisation: The group is headed by Abdullah Naker. It works under the auspieces of Mustafa Abdel Jalil (the chairman of the NTC) (Wikipedia).
Weapons and Training: Zintan militias, which might include the Tripoli Revolutionary Council, received weapons from abroad by using their control over the international airport.
Size: According to its leader Naker, the PGM has 22,000 armed men at its disposal (Wikipedia).
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: --
Other Information: The group’s leader, Naker, had warned the NTC government under Abdurrahim El-Keib that he would topple it if it failed to meet their demands for representation. The TRC cooperates with the Tripoli Military Council (PGM) (Wikipedia). Some sources link the TRC to Zintan militias. It is however, said to be unaffiliated. Non-affiliation probably refers to the Al-Zintan Revolutionaries’ Military Council (PGM).
References: Wikipedia. “Abdullah Naker”.