Impuzamugambi (Rwanda)

Country: Rwanda
Details of Formation: The group was created in 1992 and developed from the youth wing of the extremist party “Coalition for the Defense of the Republic” (CDR). Senior government officials also known as “Akazu” created the group after opposing the peace negotiations that President Habyarimana initiated. (Wikipedia)
Details of Termination: Status as pro-government ends with end of genocide, when the Rwandan Patriotic Front announces the end of the war and names Pasteur Bizimungu as new President. Many members of the militia fled to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. (Wikipedia)
Purpose: The Rwandan Akazu (“The house that surrounded the president”) is a circle of hardliner government officials. They created the militia to commit ethnic cleansing of all Tutsis in the country and to eliminate moderate Hutus.
Organisation: Impuzamugambi was controlled by the Akazu and recruited its members from the youth wing of the CDR. During the genocide it had close ties to the government from which it received money and also to the Rwandan Government Forces from which it received weapons. (Wikipedia)
Weapons and Training: The military, the government and the presidential guards provided Impuzamugambi with weapons and training.
Size: There is no information on the force strength, but it is known that the militia must be smaller than the Interahamwe militia. (Wikipedia)
Reason for Membership: Adolescent Hutus were motivated to join the miltia in prospect of payment and because of their ethnic loyalty.
Treatment of Civilians: The PGM was active in the Rwandan Genocide and committed extensive violence against Tutsi civilians and moderate Hutus. Many party leaders of the ruling “National Republican Movement for Democracy and Development” were also involved in the CDR’s militia, so the government tolerated predatory behavior.
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