Alamara (Philippines)

Country: Philippines
Details of Formation: The Alamara was first mentioned in 2002. It was formed by the Philippine military.
Details of Termination: Still active in 2016
Purpose: News sources report that the military used the Alamara in its fight against the NPA insurgents and to intimidate civilians so as to pacify any unrest. It is also mentioned that the military uses the Alamara to help clear ancestral areas in order to pave the way for mining companies (Human Rights Watch 2015). The military uses Almara to distract from the military’s own atrocities.
Organisation: Tribal leaders are leaders of the Alamara (Human Rights Watch 2015). According to a NPA spokesperson, the Alamara is financed by the military and supported by the local government.
Weapons and Training: Alamara possessed guns (Human Rights Watch 2015). According to a news source, the military arms paramilitary groups like Alamara.
Size: --
Reason for Membership: There are reports that indigenous people were forcibly recruited into the Alamara, under auspices of the military.
Treatment of Civilians: Alamara frequently intimidates and harasses students and teachers in tribal schools, often in joint action with the military. As a consequence, some schools were closed and residents fled their villages. Tribal leaders denied the involvement of the military in violence, but two of the three tribal leaders saying so where themselves leaders of Alamara and a similar group. (Human Rights Watch 2015)
Other Information: The members belong to the Ata-Manobo and Lumad tribe, groups of indigenous people.
References: Human Rights Watch. 2015. “Philippines: Paramilitaries Attack Tribal Villages, Schools.”

Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD