Chevaux (Cote d'Ivoire)

Country: Cote d'Ivoire
Details of Formation: The militia appeared in 2011 when Ouattara became president.
Details of Termination: No information.
Purpose: They targeted political opposition and people of Guere ethnicity.
Organisation: The militia is backed by President Ouattara, but there is no information on the chain of command.
Weapons and Training: The militiamen were reported to be heavily armed, but there is no information on their specific equipment.
Size: No information.
Reason for Membership: Mercenaries from Burkina Faso and Guinea joined the militia.
Treatment of Civilians: Militia members attacked alleged Gbagbo supporters and of Guere ethnicity indiscriminately.
Other Information: Made up of mercenaries from Burkina Faso and Guinea, the militia hunts down perceived supporters of former president Gbagbo - mostly at night; work together with the Kofi Annan Boys and Ouattara's 'Revolutionary Forces'
References: Check PGMD for evidence.