Civil Defence Committees (CDC) (Sri Lanka)

Country: Sri Lanka
Details of Formation: In February 2008, Civil Defence Committees were set up in order to protect their villages against Tamil Tigers. The idea was that civilians can protect themselves and help the regular security forces as well.
Details of Termination: After the end of the civil war in 2009 and the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, the CDC had no purpose anymore. However, there is still evidence that they helped security forces in some cases and they regularly participated in other task (e.g. anti-dengue operation). In 2011, it is reported that the CDC should be reactivated again with the aim to fight crime but no evidence that they are actually active (but not dissolved either).
Purpose: The main purpose was the protection of villages against attacks from the Tamil Tigers. According to government officials, the group was quite successful in doing so, e.g. by preventing terrorist attacks. Later the purpose shifted and the PGM was also involved in tasks such as combating dengue, supporting the police by providing information, and improving the relationship between the local communities and the police to combat crime.
Organisation: The group worked and coordinated with the police and security forces.
Weapons and Training: Given the description of the forces, they are assumed to be armed, although this is not explicitly stated.
Size: --
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: Officials highlight the role of the PGM in protecting civilians from rebel attacks during the civil war. There are also reports that journalists were harassed by the group.
Other Information: The group consisted of local civilian groups that fought the Tamil Tigers (similar to Home Guards/Civil Defence Force).
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