Camara's Militias (Guinea)

Country: Guinea
Details of Formation: The military Junta regime under Moussa Dadis Camara allegedly recruited militias from Guinea’s isolated forest regions to carry out the massacre on opposition supporters.
Details of Termination: Military Junta leader Moussa Dadis Camara only stayed in power from 2008-12-24 until his attempted assignation, upon which he flees to Morocco on 2009-12-4 and then to Burkina Faso on 2010-01-12. On 2010-01-13 Camara’s National Council for Democracy and Development (CNDD) signs agreement in Burkina Faso to hand over power to the interim leader Brigadier-General Sékouba Konaté.
Purpose: The militia was created by Camara to target political opposition. Camara’s regime wanted to secure its hold on power before elections in 2010.
Organisation: The militia was created by Moussa Camara. Claude Pivi, a member of the Guinea’s military junta, established training centers for Camara’s militia and other PGMs. According the sources, these training centers were not linked to the defense ministry.
Weapons and Training: The South African company “Omega Strategic Services” provided military training to Camara’s militia. The regular armed forces also trained the militia.
Size: One source reports that the PGM recruited 2,000 militiamen.
Reason for Membership: Former combatants from conflicts in Sierra Leone and Liberia were members of the militia. Mercenaries from South Africa and unemployed Guineans from the Forest region were also reported to be members of the group.
Treatment of Civilians: In 2009, militiamen attacked opposition supporters in a joint operation with the regular military. As the government wanted to quell political dissent, it supported the use of violence against civilians.
Other Information: Camara's militias were allegedly trained by South African military trainers.
References: Check PGMD for evidence.