Special Presidential Division (Congo Kinshasa)

Country: Congo Kinshasa
Details of Formation: The Special Presidential Brigade was created by President Mobutu and was charged to ensure his personal security. Sources first mention the PGM in 1978. In 1985, the militia expanded and was named the Special Presidential Division (DSP). (Wikipedia)
Details of Termination: In 1997 a source reports that there were growing demands to disband Mobutu’s Presidential Guard. After Mobutu fled the country in 1997 and there was a new government installed, the group ceased to be a PGM.
Purpose: President Mobutu used the militia to curb anti-government protests and political opposition.
Organisation: The DSP was commanded by Mobutu's relative, General Etienne Nzimbi Ngbale Kongo wa Basa. By paying the militiamen regularly and adequately, Mobutu ensured to have full control over them. (Wikipedia)
Weapons and Training: The bodyguard unit was trained by Israeli advisors and was regularly paid by the Congolese government. Furthermore, they received weapons from the government.
Size: The militia is comprised of 6,500 to 20,000 members. In 1986, Mobutu began to expand the militia which is also why it was renamed at that point. (Wikipedia)
Reason for Membership: Militia members were mostly from Mobutu’s home region Equateur and joined the PGM because of their ethnic ties.
Treatment of Civilians: The militia used extreme violence to suppress political opposition and potential threats to President Mobutu’s rule. As this was the militia’s purpose, the government supported their behaviour.
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