Chinkororo (Kenya)

Country: Kenya
Details of Formation: The group already existed as an armed group in 1997. Prior to becoming a pro-government militia in 2001, they defended their community in Kisii. In 2001, they were first mentioned to be financially supported by MPs. The group collaborated with a paramilitary wing of the police (General Service Unit) to harass opposition supporters.
Details of Termination: The government outlawed the Chinkororo in March 2002, together with 17 other groups. The group does not become a rebel group but continues to exist as an illicit vigilante group.
Purpose: Chinkororo was deployed by the government in order to intimidate opposition supporters.
Organisation: no information
Weapons and Training: The group is armed with homemade bows and arrows.
Size: no information
Reason for Membership: Chinkororo mainly comprises members of the ethnic Kisii group.
Treatment of Civilians: Many locals viewed them as defending the interests of the community.
Other Information: In 2001, the group received money from an MP. However, it remains unclear whether members are regularly paid by the government.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD