Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers (Armenia)

Country: Armenia
Details of Formation: The Yerkrapah was founded by Vazgen Sargsyan in July 1993 out of Nagorno-Karabakh war veterans.
Details of Termination: After the 2008 elections, the Yerkrapah continued to support the old government. The newly elected government then disarmed and arrested members of the Yerkrapah. The group continued to exist and in 2014 signed an cooperation agreement with the emergency ministry to assist the fire brigade; there is no evidence, however, that the Yerkrapah was armed again.
Purpose: The Yerkrapah was the personal army of Vazgen Sargsyan, who used them to act against people he disliked, especially religious minorities.
Organisation: Since its founding until his death in 1999 the Yerkrapah was led by Vazgen Sargsyan, a military commander, defense minister and later prime minister (Wikipedia). The Yerkrapah was part of the Defense Ministry and was allegedly affiliated with government security agencies.
Weapons and Training: The Yerkrapah members are armed with iron pipes and guns.
Size: --
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: The Yerkrapah was involved in beating and kidnapping members of nonapostolic religious groups. These actions were cleared by government officials.
Other Information: The Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers is sometimes also referred to as the Yerkrapah Union of Veterans (Wikipedia).
References: Wikipedia. “Yerkrapah”.