Black Cats (Sri Lanka)

Country: Sri Lanka
Details of Formation: The first reports are from February 1989, shortly after Premadasa became president. The group is associated with his party, the United National Party. Although some evidence suggests this party created the Black Cats, it is uncertain who actually created this group.
Details of Termination: The termination of the PGM is coded on November 12, 1994 when the new president Kumaratunga (Sri Lanka Freedom Party) took office and a new cabinet was formed.
Purpose: The group was used to kill left-wing rebels and political opponents, e.g. members of the JVP.
Organisation: With the government denying any connection to the group, there is no information on its leadership, chains of command or how it was controlled.
Weapons and Training: --
Size: --
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: There are reports of mass killings and executions committed by the PGM.
Other Information: Links to state institutions are very unclear. According to locals and diplomats there may have been cooperation with the police, although it denied these allegations. Formally, the government also denied links, but reports state that the group belonged to particular ministers or members of the ruling party.
References: PGMD