Green Tigers (Sri Lanka)

Country: Sri Lanka
Details of Formation: Allegedly formed by the military, the green tigers are an organization of armed civilian supporters and off-duty police and soldiers linked to the ruling United National Party.
Details of Termination: The last PGM activity is mentioned in 1991, afterwards there are no more incidents. The termination of the PGM is coded on November 12, 1994 when the new president Kumaratunga (Sri Lanka Freedom Party) took office and a new cabinet was formed.
Purpose: The main purpose of the group was to fight rebels, in particular the JVP, and defend the interests of the then-governing United National Party (UNP).
Organisation: Though there is no clear information on leadership and command structures, it has been reported that the group was closely linked to and formed by the police and armed forces. However, it was not under the direct command of officials belonging to those forces.
Weapons and Training: There is no information on whether the group received arms and training by the government from the news sources available. However, sources state that off-duty soldiers and police were among its members, so it may be inferred that the training of those individuals was provided by the government.
Size: --
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: The group has been reported to be responsible for killing suspected insurgents and committing human rights abuses. It also caused panic among citizens where it operated and bullied shopkeepers.
Other Information: Sources report that the group operated mainly at night and that members were motivated in part by revenge against rebels for attacks and killings. The group’s name originates from the UNP’s official colour, green. It has been compared to Latin American death squads.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.