Progressive Voluntary Organization (Ghana)

Country: Ghana
Details of Formation: The PGM was a body of different militias and organizations that were linked to the National Democratic Congress party of Rawlings. They were first mentioned by sources in 1999.
Details of Termination: The militia ceased to be pro-government in 2001 when Rawlings left office. In the same year, the government began disarming militiamen.
Purpose: The Progressive Voluntary Organization was a body of many different pro-government militias such as the Patriots Club of Ghana or the Civil Defense Committee. It was supposed to uphold the principles of Rawlings’ revolution of 1979.
Organisation: The group was supported by the government, but was also self-maintained through own economic activities.
Weapons and Training: The militiamen were armed with guns.
Size: No information.
Reason for Membership: No information.
Treatment of Civilians: The militia targeted political dissent by using violence against alleged opposition.
Other Information: --
References: Check PGMD for evidence.