Village defence force (Afghanistan)

Country: Afghanistan
Details of Formation: Armed party members of the Democratic Afghan Peoples’ Party (PDPA) (with involvement of its Revolutionary Council) formed the militia groups in 1984.
Details of Termination: --
Purpose: The group was formed as a pro-revolutionary force to counter Muslim insurgents and other opponents (e.g. criminals) and to protect the integrity of Afghanistan.
Organisation: The group was intended to be formed in each district and administrative area. It is not clear whether or how the government then controlled these local groups.
Weapons and Training: The government provided equipment and means of communication and transport to the group, although it is not explicitly said whether this included weapons or not. In one instance it is reported that members carried AK-47s.
Size: Based on news reports, the group had 400 members in 1985, a number that increased to 600 in 1986.
Reason for Membership: According to a reported statement, the PGM was partially formed from tribal armies, suggesting an ethnic incentive to join for these groups.
Treatment of Civilians: --
Other Information: The PGM is referred to as Village Defence Forces, Defenders of the Revolution and People’s Militia. There is no specific mention of Russian support. The group also included subgroups of women. Detachments were intended to be organised at the district and administrative area level.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.