Seagulls (Solomon Islands)

Country: Solomon Islands
Details of Formation: Initially created by prime minister to fight Malaita Eagle Force, apparently part of the paramilitary police Field Force.
Details of Termination: Not mentioned again after the coup in June 2000.
Purpose: The government founded the group to curb militia violence and to use against the Malaita Eagle Force and the Guadalcanal Revolutionary Army. The government wanted to secure its hold on power by gathering intelligence using the PGM before national elections in 2001.
Organisation: Prime minister Bart Ulafa'alu introduced the militia as a special police taskforce. There is no information on the chain of command.
Weapons and Training: No information.
Size: The militia had 15 members.
Reason for Membership: Former police officers were recruited, but there is no information on what their motivations were.
Treatment of Civilians: During the guerilla campaign the militia targeted civilians which led to large-scale displacement among the population.
Other Information: The members of the Seagulls belong to the Malaitans to whom prime minister Ulafa'alu belongs too. They were created to fight the militias Malaita Eagle Force (Malaitans) and the Guadalcanal Revolutionary Army (Isatabus).
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.