Sandline International (Papua New Guinea)

Country: Papua New Guinea
Details of Formation: The contract was signed on January 31, 1997, with the aim of the PCM to fight the secessionists on Bougainville. The first mercenaries arrived in the beginning of February.
Details of Termination: Sandline operatives left PNG in March 1997--leaving Chan to fight for his job after the PNG government suspended the contract.
Purpose: The government hired mercenaries from Sandline International to support the army in its fight against Bougainville rebels. The contract from January 31, 1997 required Sandline to capture or kill the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and to regain control over the state territory.
Organisation: Sandline International was closely linked to Executive Outcomes, another security contractor. The government hired the PMC to fight the Bougainville Revolutionary Army.
Weapons and Training: Sandline members trained the Papuan armed forces.
Size: Sandline International sent between 130 and 150 mercenaries to Papua New Guinea.
Reason for Membership: Members were foreign mercenaries hired by the UK-based company Sandline International.
Treatment of Civilians: Due to the government’s use of mercenaries the situation in Papua New Guinea escalated. In March 1997, the government had to suspend its contract with the PMC due to pressure from protesters and the general public.
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References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.