Al-Qa'qa' Brigade (Libya)

Country: Libya
Details of Formation: The Al-Qa’qa’ Brigade was formed by Libyans in the West of Libya. They had trained in Zintan during the revolution. In 2011 it aligned with the National Transitional Congress and thus became pro-government.
Details of Termination: - Former coding: The group became anti-government when it openly turned against the GNC in February 2014, pressing for its members’ resignation and indictment. Later it pledged allegiance to Haftar who led a militarized campaign against Islamists with the aim of pressuring the GNC to hold elections. There is no news source information whether the Al-Qa’qa Brigade can be considered as pro-government with the ensuing House of Representative government, which also had connections to Haftar.
Purpose: The group had the purpose to protect senior officials and government ministers. It was also officially tasked with securing border frontiers and guarding oil installations.
Organisation: The Brigade is commanded by Uthman Mulayqithah who had previously defected from Gaddafi’s regime during the revolution. Officially it is under the Defence Ministry and the army’s chief of staff. It received preferential treatment during Usama Juwayli’s (Minister of Defense) term in office.
Weapons and Training: The Brigade is the best equipped government sanctioned militia in Tripoli. Its members are already professionally trained because they have a military background.
Size: --
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: --
Other Information: The group is allegedly involved in illicit arms smuggling, narcotic dealing activities and kidnapping. It is comprised of officers and combatants from Gaddafi’s elite force 32nd Brigade (aka Khamis Brigade).
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD.