Civil Guard (Congo Kinshasa)

Country: Congo Kinshasa
Details of Formation: The PGM was set up by President Mobutu as an elite unit to control public order and to protect himself. It was also intended to combat rebel groups that might threaten Mobutu’s power.
Details of Termination: In April 1997, a source reports that the Special Presidential Division and the Civil Guard should be disbanded. Eventually, the group was terminated when Mobutu was ousted from power.
Purpose: The group was supposed to restore public order and to patrol the whole country.
Organisation: The group is led by Baramoto Kpama, Mobutu's brother-in-law. It has direct ties to President Mobutu, not to the Defense Ministry. Despite its close ties to the government, it is distinct from the Armed Forces (Wikipedia).
Weapons and Training: The militia members received training from France, Belgium, China, Egypt and South Africa, especially by military personnel from Germany. They have access to firearms and use armoured personnel carriers.
Size: Sources report that the militia has 1,000 to 20,000 members.
Reason for Membership: There is no information on why members joined the militia.
Treatment of Civilians: The militia used tanks to break up groups of anti-Mobutu protesters and sometimes killed protesters.
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References: Wikipedia. “Special Presidential Division”.