Ghana Private Road Transport Union (Ghana)

Country: Ghana
Details of Formation: Initially, the group was a union that brought private commercial vehicle owners and drivers together. In 1983, leader Nana Kofi Aikins was elected president of the Union. Under his leadership, the group developed strong ties to Rawlings’ Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC). (Wikipedia)
Details of Termination: The organization ceased to be pro-government in 2001 when Rawlings was succeeded by Kufuor as president.
Purpose: The group was used by the government to levy taxes on the roads and to act similar to a police force.
Organisation: The militia was closely linked to Rawlings’ PNDC. Although they were supposed to cooperate with the regular armed forces, there are sources reporting that Union members also attacked police forces.
Weapons and Training: The PGM received ammunition, guns, uniforms and vehicles from the Ghanaian government.
Size: No information.
Reason for Membership: No information.
Treatment of Civilians: No information.
Other Information: --
References: Wikipedia. “Ghana Private Road Transport Union”.