Hun Sen's Bodyguard Unit (Cambodia)

Country: Cambodia
Details of Formation: The Bodyguard Unit was preceded by Briagde 70 which was also an elite VIP protection unit for Prime Minister Hun Sen. The Bodyguard Unit was first mentioned in 1995.
Details of Termination: Hun Sen is still the prime minister of Cambodia and therefore, it seems plausible that the group still exists. Even though the last evidence is from 2012, nothing else was reported.
Purpose: The official purpose of the Bodyguard Unit was to protect Hun Sen and to protect national territory and integrity (against Thai troops and during the 1997 clashes).
Organisation: In the 1990s, Kov Samuth, a senior Interior Ministry official had been a commander of the Bodyguard Unit. In 2012, a news source reports that Hun Sen’s first eldest son, who holds the military rank of a Major General, is the deputy commander Hun Sen’s Bodyguard Unit.
Weapons and Training: The Bodyguard Unit has a vast array of military hardware readily available. It is armed with guns.
Size: A news source from 1997 says the bodyguards had 1,500 members.
Reason for Membership: --
Treatment of Civilians: The Bodyguard Unit has been linked to political killings. In 1997, it was involved in a grenade attack against opposition member rallying on Easter Sunday. 19 people died and an estimated 150 wounded. Hun Sen denied involvement, but at the same time threatened to kill potential enemies.
Other Information: --
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