Pro-Government Vigilantes (Cambodia)

Country: Cambodia
Details of Formation: The group was first mentioned in 1998.
Details of Termination: The only evidence that the group existed, and reports of them being in action, date back to 1998. There is no evidence that they existed afterwards, but neither do we have information that the group was terminated.
Purpose: The purpose of the group was to intimidate opposition members which were protesting against the government.
Organisation: The vigilantes were commanded by older men who appeared to be plainclothes security men. The vigilantes are loyal to Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party.
Weapons and Training: The vigilantes carry wooden sticks, iron bars and chains. Their commanders have pistols.
Size: --
Reason for Membership: Vigilantes are loyal to Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party and this might be their motivation to oppose government critics.
Treatment of Civilians: The Pro-Government Vigilantes beat and shot dead opposition protesters. They were accompanied by military and police who did not take action against the Pro-Government Vigilantes. Police had been ordered not to intervene.
Other Information: The Pro-Government Vigilantes were active against opposition protesters in 1998.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD