Rhino Defence Force (Uganda)

Country: Uganda
Details of Formation: The group was launched by state minister of health Mike Mukala and armed by the military in August 2003.
Details of Termination: One source mentions the group being disbanded in 2008.
Purpose: The group was set up and armed by the military to fight LRA insurgents in the Lango region.
Organisation: The militia’s chief is Felix Okot Ogong. The government allegedly provided logistical support to the group.
Weapons and Training: The group used guns provided by the government and underwent military training.
Size: Reports about the number of recruits varies widely. Up to 4,000 people from the Lango region are reported to have voluntarily joined the group.
Reason for Membership: no information
Treatment of Civilians: no information
Other Information: In 2006 some of the recruits were drafted into the UPDF, alongside members from the Arrow group, ASTU and LDUs.
References: Information was taken from news sources listed in the PGMD