Battalion 64 (Ghana)

Country: Ghana
Details of Formation: The PGM was established by former President Rawlings in 1999 as an armed force to curb political opposition and to check on the regular armed forces.
Details of Termination: The group ceased to be pro-government in January 2001 when the opposition took power. The group stayed on the fringes of the army until it was absorbed into the regular forces around 2004.
Purpose: The battalion was used by Rawlings to protect himself from opposition, within the population and the military.
Organisation: Although they were closely linked to the regular armed forces, PGM members did not accept the army’s organizational structures. The battalion was described as an elite force.
Weapons and Training: No information.
Size: No information.
Reason for Membership: No information.
Treatment of Civilians: No information.
Other Information: Also known as: Unit 64, The 64 Regiment, 64 Battalion unit, June Fourth Battalion, Commandos, 64 Reserve Battalion
References: Check PGMD for evidence.